Quilting Catalog

Corinne Hewitt Quilt Patterns Retail Price List

Three by Four Special HCH001 11.00
Tri-Eight Centre Piece HCH002 11.00
Heather’s Quilt HCH003 11.00
Mary’s Quilt HCH004 11.00
Baby’s Elizabeth 11.00
Alice’s Star HCH006 11.00
Rings’n Things HCH007 11.00
Outback Pump Jack HCH008 11.00
Coffee Room HCH009 11.00
Tea Room HCH010 11.00
I am the Way HCH011 12.00
Mother’s Delight HCH013 11.00
Kerry’s Keepsake HCH014 11.00
Tri-Eight Table Runner HCH016 11.00
Going Table Runner HCH017 11.00
Marblicious Quilt HCH018 11.00
Marblicious Topper HCH019 11.00
Marblicious Runner HCH020 11.00
Flying Free HCH021  11.00
God Keep Our Land HCH022 15.00
Chantal’s Expression’s HCH023 13.00
Our House HCH024 12.00
Elizabeth Table Runner HCH025 13.00
Personalize It! HCH027 13.00
Blessed to be Canadian HCH028 12.00
Lest We Forget HCH029 13.00
Maple Leaf Two Step HCH030 11.00
Bless Our Soldiers HCH031 15.00
Jacob’s Table HCH032 11.00
Star of Wonder HCH033 13.00
The Perfect Pair HCH034 11.00
Abbington Pickets HCH035 20.00
The Box Social HCH037 11.00
Lucy’s Carriage Quilt HCH038 11.00
Anna’s Tea Cloth HCH039 11.00
Abigail’s Flowerbed HCH040 11.00
Josephine HCH041 11.00
We Stand on Guard 15.00
 Words to Live By HCH026  13.00

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